Syd, my home and art studio on wheels.

I am Liliana.

Artist, climber, trail runner, and surfer from the Central Coast of California. I often work in charcoal, pen and ink, graphite, and occasionally with splashes of color, finding quiet, espresso steam-filled nooks or needle-cushioned forest floors across the country in which to create.

I am endlessly grateful for the privilege to follow my stoke and for the people who support it.


Wild places have always inspired my stoke. The rocks I climb, the waves I surf, and the twisting trails I run are constant companions who spark the natural melody in my pieces. The gifts I have received from my connection to the natural world are priceless. And I will not take them lightly. OUR HOME IS DYING. We have a responsibility to future generations to fight for Earth.

From a young age, I was taught the importance of culture. I learned community, ceremony, and resistance. Most of these practices were borrowed pieces of a puzzle that felt close to my original ancestors’ practices, but they were pieces that my father gathered in an attempt to surround my family with a village. We are Lenca Taulepa, and much of our original ways will remain lost, but many will stand strong, thanks to the people who have fought to keep them. INDIGENOUS PEOPLE ARE STILL HERE. We are not gone. We are still fighting.

My family is here because of immigration. My cousins, Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents are alive, happy educated, and safe because a brave few made it out of El Salvador during a terrible war and across the US border. I cannot name a person with greater strength than those who fought tirelessly to get their families into this country and start a whole new life under a suffocating blanket of racism, language barriers, and fear of discovery, deportation–or worse, imprisonment and family separation.

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