Accepting Commissions.

I accept a few custom projects a month.

I love working with people to create something they’ve dreamed up, feeling that it adds to the magic of the piece. Scroll through my menu to see if I am a good fit for your project.

What is on the Menu?

I often work with charcoal, pen and ink, graphite, and occasionally with splashes of color. My style is very free-form and often involves a sense of nature. I DO NOT create in photoshop, however, I can upload hand-drawn images to any format to become beautifully unique logos and digital images. Make sure you chack out some of my pieces to get a sense of my style.

Pricing Options

*If you don’t see something that matches your request or are unsure which category it falls into, all good; just say so in the notes of your form. Otherwise, please specify which project type you would like.

*Scroll to the bottom to see example commissions and their pricing help inform your decision.

Small design

This can include:
Stickers, logos, tattoo designs

Medium Project

This can include:
This can include smaller-scale portraits, Pieces with less detail, and more empty space.

Large Project

This can include:
Large-scale portraits, family portraits, Detail-full landscapes.

Please enter some general information about your project.

Thank you for your support of my small business! You will hear back from me shortly. Stoked to work with you!



This was a large scale charcoal commission. This piece took a ton of time, energy and, soul. It came out around $550.


This was a charcoal portrait captured from a photo involving three subjects. It came out to approximately $250.


This was a mixed media album cover that was intended for “The Loving Mosh” band but was ultimately not used. This design is still up for grabs.

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